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icon Strategic Roof Portfolio Analysis

Infrastructure managers who are responsible for more than 100 buildings have the potential to save millions of dollars through a strategic roof portfolio analysis. A roof portfolio analysis predicts trends, implements and tracks best practices to extend the life of every roof in the portfolio, while making capital budgeting easier and more efficient. It is crucial for all of your reporting to come from one source, and that source must have national reach. If your reporting is scattered among different compan.. KEEP READING

icon Inspections/Maintenance

The MainSource philosophy on roof maintenance is to prevent or predict problems with thorough, regular inspections. Inspections are the best weapon that any organization can use when trying to get the most out of their roofs. Inspections boost return on investment and can extend roof life by up to 50 percent. We ensure continuity and consistency in the level of work we provide by maintaining a national network of quality contractors. This national reach lets our regional teams get work done effectively and on time by establi.. KEEP READING

icon Roof Leak Repair

Leaks must be dealt with right away and they must be fixed correctly so that customers can get back in their building and back to business. Leaks can destroy merchandise, lead to slip-and-fall litigation and sour the overall customer experience. When one of your buildings springs a roof leak, MainSource can get a capable contractor there quickly, no matter where in the country the building is located. MainSource contractors inspect the roof to determine what sections are salvageable and what areas of insulation can be reused.. KEEP READING

Consulting and Thermography

Building owners and managers use roof consulting and thermography to guide their portfolios, save money and help them make good strategic decisions. Hiring an outside professional, however, adds another variable and another set of personalities and practices to the equation. When customers ask their MainSource contractor to double up as their consultant, however, they get everything in the same place and reduce overall costs. Consolidation of services not only saves money, but prevents logistical headaches b.. KEEP READING

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