Consulting and Thermography

roof thermography

Building owners and managers use roof consulting and thermography to guide their portfolios, save money and help them make good strategic decisions. Hiring an outside professional, however, adds another variable and another set of personalities and practices to the equation.

When customers ask their MainSource contractor to double up as their consultant, however, they get everything in the same place and reduce overall costs. Consolidation of services not only saves money, but prevents logistical headaches by establishing continuity and improving communication.

When the team providing the roof consulting is also the team doing the work, service is streamlined, consistent and in line with the business’s longer-term goals and infrastructure portfolio. Most importantly, consolidation ensures that an experienced pro will be on both ends of the job — many consultants have never actually worked on a roof.

Thermography is a non-destructive and non-invasive technique that enables professionals to pinpoint the exact location of damage, leaks or other problem areas before work begins. This precise targeting enables contractors to disturb only the areas that need work. Like consulting, customers can save money and make the process more efficient by asking their MainSource contractor to do their thermography instead of hiring an outside team.