About Us

About Us

MainSource is a national commercial roofing company that does roof inspections, repairs, consulting and portfolio analysis for chain stores and other large, multi-location businesses nationwide.

We believe that educating our clients is part of our responsibility. The more clear, useful information our customers have, the better equipped they are to make the right choices for their roof portfolio.

At MainSource, we don’t put a piano on the roof. We don’t try to line a building with gold or do any more than is required. Our only goal is to make the right choices and do the right work at the right price.

The backbone of our service is our nationwide network of quality contractors. It is this national reach that makes us so reliable. We don’t work on a pay-to-play basis — all of our contractors are chosen solely on their merit. We always charge a flat fee, not a percentage, so there is never an incentive to do more work than is really necessary.

MainSource is completely independent. We have no affiliations with any manufacturers or products. We work only for our clients and we make all of our decisions and recommendations with their best interests in mind.

No client, building, job or organization is the same. At MainSource, we understand there is never a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution. Panaceas don’t exist. We go in, we meticulously and methodically analyze the roof, its history, composition and client objectives. From there, we develop an individual custom plan that we know is right for that particular customer.