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Business Management Includes Roof Management: Why Top Officers Should Get Involved


CEOs and other executive staff need to be informed about the roofs in their portfolios. Though roof management is often left to contractors, those high-level personnel with a vested interest in the longevity of the building envelope need to protect their assets with proactive management. Rather than leaving all the decision-making power in the hands of others, leadership staff should provide the necessary oversight to ensure the necessary roof maintenance is handled properly.

Roofs Are Valuable Beyond Their Price Tags

Why should leadership staff oversee roof maintenance when there are other workers to manage it? Because when it comes to assets this valuable, it’s important for leadership staff to be informed and to oversee strategic decision-making.

  1. The value of the roof itself: The roof is a building’s second-largest asset after the parking lot. A well-maintained roof system is a major selling point for a building, and is a valuable asset during refinancing.
  2. The value of what the roof protects: A roof protects the merchandise and machines inside the building. It also protects the safety and wellbeing of the employees and customers.
  3. The “what if” value: A roof that is properly maintained throughout the life of the roof system requires a substantially smaller investment when it comes time to replace. A similar roof – without a maintenance plan – might require full insulation replacement, decking repairs, or even a full tear-off at a significantly higher cost. When building owners have a hand in developing their roof maintenance program, they are much more informed and better able to make decisions regarding repairs and capital improvements.

Roof issues can also be the first domino in a costly chain reaction. A leaky roof can lead to a wet floor, which could result in slip-and-fall lawsuits or OSHA violations. A slippery wet floor and a leaking roof can significantly damage brand credibility, especially in the age of camera phones and social media.

A business’s upper management shouldn’t be expected to fasten the membrane, but nor should they be isolated from the management of the roof system. With these types of major investments, it’s crucial that leadership staff are involved with the long-term planning and upkeep of the roof system.