Our Clients

Our Clients



Customers physically walk around in stores and restaurants. A leak in a retail store can damage a lot more than just merchandise. Wet floors can be dangerous and lead to slip-and-fall lawsuits. A leaky flat roof can give customers a bad impression and result in damage to brand standards, customer experience and reputation. By nature, any leak is an immediate concern. But Main Source understands that leaks in stores must be fixed correctly right away.



Leaks in restaurants require immediate attention. Perhaps more than any other location, dripping water in a dining space creates a lasting negative impact with customers. Not only can it turn away customers for life, but it poses a health-code issue. MainSource has the experience and connections to rapidly fix a leak and monitor roof performance to make sure it doesn’t happen again.



A warehouse roof has to protect expensive merchandise — and the tenants who rely on it for their livelihood. Merchandise in warehouses is often packed in to maximize space, and moving it in the case of a leak could be difficult or impossible. Work done on warehouse roofs must be non-invasive and has to be done with the understanding that any closures are unacceptable.



In some distribution centers, the robotic machinery controlling the merchandise is more valuable than the merchandise itself. Not only do distribution facilities house expensive machinery and merchandise, but they can’t afford to shut down or delay distribution schedules because of leaks, repairs or construction.