icon Strategic Roof Portfolio Analysis

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Infrastructure managers who are responsible for more than 100 buildings have the potential to save millions of dollars through a strategic roof portfolio analysis. A roof portfolio analysis predicts trends, implements and tracks best practices to extend the life of every roof in the portfolio, while making capital budgeting easier and more efficient.

It is crucial for all of your reporting to come from one source, and that source must have national reach. If your reporting is scattered among different companies with different procedures, you won’t get uniformity in your reporting format, accurate figures and reliable details.

Only a company with national reach can help you plan, prepare and budget for regional weather issues such as snow removal in the North and post-storm inspections in the Southeast.

One goal of a strategic roof portfolio analysis is to extend the life of all the roofs on all the buildings being managed through performance tracking. When the performance of every roof in the chain is closely monitored, each can receive the right kind of maintenance at the right time. This alone can extend the life of a roof by 50 percent. But performance tracking also creates a healthy budgeting environment. When repair and replacement needs can be anticipated well in advance, nasty financial surprises can be avoided before they occur.

A roof portfolio analysis comes with many benefits. The life of each roof can be extended and maintenance costs can be minimized. Leak prevention can prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits and help maintain brand integrity by making sure that a shoddy roof doesn’t affect a customer’s experience. Make sure you go with a company with national reach to get all of your roofs under one portfolio and focus your plan on prevention and maintenance.